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Fall Series Show

High Point Supreme Champion

congratulations to Piper fisher

overall supreme champion fullblood doe and buck

congratulations to noah teel

overall supreme champion percentage doe


It consists of 6 shows total-3 in the spring & 3 in the fall.  You collect points for placing in classes.  These points are tallied and at the end of the last show in the fall & prizes will be awarded.  Winners will have their choice of the prizes based on placing.  Example; First place selects prize first, second place selects second, etc.

        ** The board of directors have some great new prizes to be given out this year that will be a little different than the past. Stay tuned for more details**

These great prizes are on top of the usual prizes that we give- ribbons, rosettes and the high point buckles normally given out.


We hope that this serves as an incentive for you to pick your best and come for the test!  

1st Place - red oak ranch

3rd place - stuart show goats

5th place - ryan throckmorton

7th place - twest boers

2nd place - 4l boer goats

4th place - piper fisher

6th place - baylee lamb

8th place - wyatt farthing

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